- Peace Garden: Afghan 1,000 Year War?

Afghan 1,000 Year War?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Karzai Wishes He Could Shoot Down US Planes

But today the Afghan President took his complaints to a new level, publicly lamenting that he was unable to shoot down the US planes which have been bombarding Afghan villages. Karzai added that if he had a rock attached to a piece of string, he’d use it to try to down the planes, “but that’s not in my hands.”
Hitting out at the war on terror as “unclear,” Karzai criticized “a war which is unclear what it is for, and what we are doing.” Addressing the media after today’s meeting with NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer he called for a firm timeline for withdrawal, insisting “this war cannot be endless and forever and the Afghan nation cannot burn in a war of which the end is not clear,” and adding “we did not welcome the international community in Afghanistan so that our lives get worse.”
Karzai touches on a major issue - what really is our goal in Afghanistan. After 9-11 we heard that we must invade to rid the world of al-Qaeda/bin Laden. Then we shifted focus to Iraq. Now back to Afghanistan & Pakistan. But is it because of al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Shiites, radical muslims?

This lack of clarity has annoyed our own puppet Karzai. Let us step back and think what it (and our military presence) does to the common citizen who is just trying to survive day to day.

So many other invaders found their Afghan adventures fail (think Soviet Union). Shouldn't we be learn from history?

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