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Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956)

Sunday, October 31, 2004

I guess the Twilight Zone show got me thinking. I started to re-read (probably the 100th time) a book that serves as a guide to TZ. Some of those shows really relate to our current times. I also started thinking about the movies and thought about Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956). This was the original - starring Kevin McCarthy. This is viewed as a look at paranoia, spread of Communism, dehumanization, etc.

Get this from your library and watch it. When you watch it think about today's world - how W and the media try to transform us from caring world citizens into group-think beings ruled by fear and revenge. We'll see on Tuesday how many U.S. citizens have been overtaken by the seed pods, walk zombie-like into the voting booth, and without emotion pull the lever for another 4 years of W.


The Twilight Zone

I was getting ready for the trick or treaters and watching the Giants game when I surfed over to CPTV. They were having a special on The Twilight Zone and Rod Serling. The clip I saw was "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street". This was a great, as all the shows were, commentary on how neighbors and friends could turn on each other because of fear or unexplained events. I think Serling's closing comment is so appropriate for current times: "The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout, There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes. pregudices - to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all its own - for the children, and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is that these things cannot be confined to the Twilight Zone."


The Osama Tape

HE'S ALIVE!!! Everyone is talking about the recently released tape and trying to spin it as a plus for either Kerry or W. But I think we have to look a little deeper at this tape and the candidates' responses to it.

Sure Uncle Osama is bad, a bad man, a very bad man (Remember Babu in the Seinfeld final episode - in the witness chair, index finger wagging, "A bad man, a very bad man"). There is no excuse for the innocent lives that were taken on 9-11. But is the solution, as Kerry and W say, to "hunt him down" and kill him? So far this hasn't worked and has, instead, swelled the ranks of ati-American groups. Our violence and killing has spurned violence and killing. Oh the vicious cycle of war.

Osama basically has said that this war. in which we find ourselves in, is caused by our policies in the Middle East. I (Okay I can hear the shoes being thrown at your PC screen) have to agree with him. I think our lack of respect for other cultures/traditions/religions sets us up as overzealous missionaries. Instead of trying to install our form of democracy, our sense of consumerism, our "right way" of doing things; I wish we could work within other cultures instead of working from without. Easier said than done - I know. But we have to start soon.

The thing that really strikes me about Osama and our adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan is that our enemy today was yesterday's ally. Just think of our support of Saddam during the Iraq-Iran war. Think of our cheers when the Taliban and Freedom Fighters were trying to take back their land from Soviet Union control. Think back to Iran-Contra deals. How did these "allies" screw up? Why did they fall out of favor? Sure there is the issue of oil and money - but there is also the issue that our "friends" wanted our help but not with the strings we usually attach to them. They wanted our help but not at the price of their culture, religion, self-control.

So what to do with Osama? Bring him to justice yes. But the "how" is very important. Killing him will only allow a new "Osama" rise to take over. Instead we have to try to make his cause meaningless. Make his recruiting efforts impossible. And that is where our respect for other cultures comes in. Work with all sides in the Palestinian-Israeli issue. "De-occupy" Iraq (Is de-occupy a word?) Rebuild Iraq. Get out of bed with the Saud leaders. Have real dialogue with Iran, Syria, North Korea. Put a cork in Ann Coulter's mouth and everyone else who calls for a "conversion" or death to all Muslims. Learn to respect. Teach our kids and our troops that we are all brothers and sisters. Stop naming enemies and Axes of Evil. Change our mentlity from war to PEACE. Work with other nations.

Naive - pollyanna - idealist - dreamer? Maybe yes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


The Backbone Cabinet - A Progressive Cabinet Roster

Saturday, October 30, 2004

If Kerry wins (W won't listen I know) let's make sure he makes some great progressive choices for cabinet posts. Vote here: The Backbone Cabinet - A Progressive Cabinet Roster. Some great names mentioned and in the running. Love the idea of Carter at HUD. He can bring his Habitat for Humanity experience to the job. And of course the newly created Department of Peace - headed by Kucinich of course.


The countdown continues....

Friday, October 29, 2004

So what are we in for? Here in Connecticut I was pretty sure that Kerry would be carrying the state. Over a few beers last night that feeling got a little carried away and grew into a "Kerry landslide" nationwide (thank you to Air America's Rhodes). We left feeling pretty confident and elated. But this morning I was driving to work and listening to a local rock station. The calls were overwhelmingly for W. Were W supporters the only ones up and Kerry supporters still sleeping off last night's beers? Needless to say my "last night's elation" was dampened.

So what gives? Will the undecided be swayed by the Halliburton investigations? How about the stolen explosives? Or the Osama (Rove-timely) tape? Will the young voters pull the lever for Kerry? Or will the "American Terrorist" (another curiously timed tape) spread fear across the U.S. and create a bloc of votes for Uber-man W?

I am totally confused and I admit totally scared. I have always gone through life preparing for the worst possible outcome. So I have my plans in place (somewhat). I think I am ready for another 4 years of W. I think I am ready to help my sons navigate a draft. I hope I am ready to hit the streets to stop an escalation of our Mid East adventures. I imagine that I am ready to cry out for our Civil Liberties. I feel I am ready to fight to save our Mother Earth. I just hope that I won't have to.


2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes

Hilarious site. Thanks to Wonkette for mentioning 2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes. Love the faces of the kids. Just hope they grow up and view this period of our history as a burp/hiccup in our treatment of other cultures. This insanity cannot be a pattern for our future.


Thanks to Kyle and Cartman

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Who gets your vote? The giant douche or the turd sandwich.


Welcome to Talk to US

Utne Magazine mentioned this site: Welcome to Talk to US. A great idea. What would really be great is if W would watch and listen to the citizens of the world. But I guess first he and his followers have to learn to respect other cultures, other religions, other views....others.


An Early Solstice

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Every December I attend Paul Winter and his Consort's "Winter Solstice Celebration". This music and dance performance is at St. John the Divine in NYC. I guess if this was a different band with a different genre of music I would be called a groupie.

The performance takes you musically and visually through the "longest night" and welcomes back the sun. You see, the winter solstice occurs when the sun reaches its most southern point from the equator. In our Northern Hemisphere this is the longest night. After this night the days become longer as the sun again begins its "rise" into the sky.

This "dark" period was met with dread by ancient peoples. The night was a time of fear and spirits. So on this night, to celebrate the "return of the sun", the people would light bonfires and perform rituals to welcome and encourage the "change" in the sun's path. It was a time to rejoice as the days became longer and the light returned to drive out the fear and night spirits.

Today we do not look at the solstice the same way as the ancients. We have the luxury of clocks, calendars and an understanding of astronomy, the earth's rotation about the sun and the cycle of the seasons. But this year I know what the ancients felt. I feel that Election night will be our winter solstice.

So what does this have to do with our election? While we know that the sun will rise again and the seasons will change, the ancients did not necesarily know this as fact. We are like the ancients are unsure as far as our future is concerned. We do not know if the light will rise again or if we will be further plunged into fear and darkness with another 4 years of W. On a very personal note I did not feel this dread and pessimism since 1972. Sure we all survived McGovern's loss. The war eventually ended, Tricky eventually resigned, Watergate was unmasked. But those times were clearly different. Today the darkness is deeper. Rifts in this nation are deeper than in 1972 (though they do not show themselves as openly as in the 70's). And the stakes in the Middle East are higher (IMO) than in Vietnam.

So on Election Night I will light the bonfires and hope that the light again arises (even though I know that Kerry will not bring the fullest light with his views on Iraq). If the "sun" does rise again on the U.S. we should celebrate with music and dance. Celebrate and work so that we can never allow this nation to plunge into the depths of fear and darkness again. Another 4 years of W will keep us in the darkness and may be the end of us all.


Welcome to Bush is Lord

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Welcome to Bush is Lord is a great hysterical site. I especially love W's picture as JC in the upper left of top page. Amen.

The sad part is there are some that think he really is Lord and does talk to God. They think a vote for him will get them a pass into heaven. As for me, I'm sure they "know" I'm on my way down. Want to keep me company?


7 Days to Go - Time for the Contest

Okay here we go. The 2004 Election Pool is open. Entry into the contest is easy. Just guess who will be our next Prezident and how many days it will take to decide who it will be. Remember, the question is who will be Prezident - not who wins the popular vote or electoral college vote. Also remember that our contest winner was absolutely correct with their guess: W in 36 days. Leave your guesses in the comments section. The Prize? Are you kidding? A prize for probably the scariest contest I have ever seen.


Who will be The Lorax

A Halloween treat: Monster Slash | The New Monster Mash. Who will be The Lorax and speak for the trees.... Hope you will raise your voices for Mother Earth.


Missing Iraqi bombs!

Monday, October 25, 2004

So there is a hell of a lot of bombs and munitions missing. No problem - no worry. W is on the job. He'll look everywhere to find the stash. Hell, W will even go into Iran to find the stockpiles. Hey wait W, this could be the chance/miracle you are looking for. So you did have a plan all along. W, MY HERO!!!


Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry is a farmer, poet, activist, essayist.... A call to action for Mother Earth. "Compromise, Hell"


American Conservative Magazine Endorses Kerry

W is in for an interesting months after November 2 whether he wins or not. I love dissension especially when it is in the camp of the conservatives or Repugs. Kerry endorsed bt the American Conservative


Two sites for your pleasure!

Listen to the true voices of this election. Shame on W for trying to pull the sheep's wool over their eyes (Sorry for the pun). Wofpacks For Truth

And another (though I don't think this surprise is in the running. I'm banking on Iran).:


Calls to Reinvent a Party

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Article from NY times:" Calls to Reinvent a Party". What will happen? One thing is for sure, I agree with a statement attributed to Dean: "Dr. Dean, who did not return a telephone call, is said to have told associates that he believes an antiwar candidate would have fared better against Mr. Bush." Oh to be able to vote on november 9 for Dean or, even better, Kucinich.

Kerry, do right by America when it comes to Iraq. Get us out quickly. It was a mistake, it is a mistake, it always will be a mistake.


George, you forgot the Dutch

W was quick to tell Kerry that he forgot that Poland was part of our coalition. But W did not mention the Dutch. Maybe it is because of their methods. They don't have W's swagger or "Team America: World Police" attitude.

Sure the military "experts" will say that the Dutch way will not work for the areas we are patrolling.

"Karim Hleibit al-Zayad, the police chief here, made a clear distinction between the Dutch and Americans: "The Dutch have tried seriously to understand our traditions. We do not view them as an occupying force, but a friendly one. The Americans are an occupying force. I agree they helped us get rid of the past regime, but they should not take away our dignity."

Maybe we should try something different. It is called RESPECT.
The New York Times full article


Why Iran Wants Four More Years

W's friend Chalabi as a double agent? I wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be a triple agent (is there such a thing?) working for the neo-cons all along. Getting the pumps primed for our Iran Adventure. Oh the friends this regime has - shaking hands with Sadaam one year and attacking him the next, breaking bread with Osama's family, House of Saud..... Why Iran Wants Four More Years


Media Matters for America: Right Wing Squares

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Last Flash for the night. Click Media Matters for America: Right Wing Squares for your favorite TV stars.



Click for Boner Biting Retards. wait for the last photo. You'll love it.


Slap Bush!

Try for the top score of the hour and win a prize - SATISFACTION! Slap Bush! Wait no matter your score you'll free great.


W's mission statement

Click here for W's words of wisdom. The truth behind W, his regime and our actions in Iraq.


Welcome to the Project for the New American Century

I had posted this site previously. Randi Rhodes mentions this on Air America and her website. This is neo-con's think-tank (IMO). This site supplies the justifications (ha-ha) for Iraq and paints a similar view of our next target: Iran. Welcome to the Project for the New American Century


KR Washington Bureau | 10/21/2004 | Bush, Kerry take similar approach to war in Iraq

Oh to be able to vote for Kucinich. So many have been saying all along that W and Kerry are both committed to Iraq. Some very minor differences. This was depressing months ago, depressing tonight, and will be depressing after November 2. No matter who wins, we will be committed. The only hope is that Kerry will try to internationalize the forces and try to reach out to all factions. Well W this is another fine mess you have gotten us in to! KR Washington Bureau | 10/21/2004 | Bush, Kerry take similar approach to war in Iraq


Conservative Author Is Attacked With Pies

How dare they try to pie Queen Coulter. Don't they realize that she is a goddess - well at least in some eyes (right Hannity?). Damn terrorists now resorting to Weapons of Cream Pie (WCP). Conservative Author Is Attacked With Pies


Enjoy The Draft

Friday, October 22, 2004

Thanks to Atrios via The FishBowl for this site:Enjoy The Draft. Hysterical. But which twin would you want to hang out with?


John Kerry for President

"The Nation" has announced John Kerry for President. I, like The Nation, do not agree with his Iraq stance, his nuclear weapon stance, and many of his other views. I especially do not like his "Kill the terrorist" speeches. But what is the alternative. I wish Ralph was viable. I know that I, as a thinking, rational human could never vote for W. So Kerry is the one. But like The Nation, I (and we all) must hold his feet to the fire and work to change his views to more progressive and peaceful ideals.


"An election for lawyers"

The Coming Post-Election Chaos is an article from John Dean. Yes that John Dean of watergate fame. The same John Dean who has said in his book that watergate was nothing compared to this regime's tactics. We are in for a long drawn-out election. More than 36 days?


Celebrating Wellstone

A great article on Paul Wellstone:Join to Celebrate Legacy of Wellstone. You have to wonder what would be if Wellstone was alive and did run for President. Imagine he and Kucinich working together. But I think that the media and DNC would not "stand" for his presidential bid. Look at what happened to Dean and the lack of coverage of Kucinich's run. But it could have been great and interesting.


Consumption of Resources Outstripping Planet's Ability to Cope

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Damn! According to Consumption of Resources Outstripping Planet's Ability to Cope the U.S. is No. 2. We've got to try harder. Come on W, inspire the masses to waste more, consume more, pollute more. And don't forget to get your corporate buddies to help.


The Beastie Boys and Flash

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A good flash animation and The Beastie Boys. Go to island in the sky, inc. and click on "Will You Kerry Us?".


Yahoo! News - Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran

Congratulations W. One of your "Axis of Evil" members has endorsed you. Wow your pal Putin and now Evil Power II. And Kerry talks about you not playing nice with other world leaders. They love you George!!! Yahoo! News - Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran


So who is God talking to?

Interesting! Pat Robertson claims that God told him that the war in Iraq would become a problem. But God told Bush that everything will be great. CNN.com - No casualties? White House disputes Robertson comment - Oct 20, 2004 So who is lying?

Hey, maybe neither are lying. Maybe God is telling Robertson one thing and W the complete opposite. Maybe He/She wants to screw with their minds a little. Sure, tell them conflicting things and really screw this nation up. I always knew God loved Monaco the best.


Looking into the crystal ball...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

So what happens if my nightmares come true and W pulls it out (either with a late October surprise, stolen ballots or a true but close win). What will we be in for during the next Four Years---

Rumsfeld will be out but still very involved in the background. Ashcroft and Ridge will still be there stealing our rights and pushing newer Patriot Act provisions. Wolfowitz - still there. Powell - no way - replaced by Lizard Rice.

Afghanistan and Iraq will be launching pads for our next military plays - Iran in 2005, Syria in '06 and Lebanon in '07. North Korea will no longer be considered a part of the Axis of Evil. Why? W's friend, Reverend Moon, somehow replaces Jong Il as God's designated ruler (Mmmmm - poisoned darts?).

On the home front: Chomsky, Zinn, Moore, Kennedy, Byrd, Dean and Kucinich (my hero) will be put on trial as the DC 7 (hey if Nixon can have his Chicago Seven then W can have his too) and tried for treason and sedition. Me, I'll be in Sweden, Norway or France with my three draft-age sons. Air America and any blogs that do not pledge sovereignty to W will be removed from the air and internets (yes W will demand that we all call it internets). Replacing liberal/progressive/anti-war blogs will be a link to a live cam shot of the skies above Jerusalem with the caption "Waiting for the second coming of God".

Every U.S. citizen (who stays here) will have to take a loyalty oath. Those not taking the oath will be fired from their jobs (if they are lucky enough to be the 80% who have a job in 2005). They will then be deported to the newly established "Treason Prison" of New York City or Boston (hey it could happen - look at "Escape from New York" with Snake Pliskin - Maybe that's the reason for the Big Dig, yaeh undergroug cells). The Yankees will move to Idaho. The Red Sox will be disbanded due to their long hair, facial hair and "dirty" batting helmets. (Okay the last two lines are for my BoSox loving sons).
Hey it could happen. Even Wonkette posted Blue and Red Sox America. What! You think I stole the idea from her. I really did think about this while I was watching last night's game. Hey maybe I am really psychic. Oh no! That would mean W..........


Didn't Know I Was Unamerican - No Popup - TrueMajorityACTION

Monday, October 18, 2004

I didn't know I was a traitor when I wore my shirt with the peace sign or stuck the peace sign sticker on my car. I didn't realize that I was un-american when I "walked for peace" this summer. I didn't know I was a turn-coat when I laughed at W, questioned our actions in Iraq, read the news with a questioning eye.

Wow, I didn't realize that it was this easy to be a traitor.

If my dreams of peace, democracy and justice make me a traitor then I want to be the best traitor this world has ever seen. Benedict Arnold will take lessons from me.

Be a traitor too. It's easy under W and the Patriot Act. Be a traitor - watch this Flash Movie and join True Majority just to tick W off some more.


washingtonpost.com : Understanding Iran

Sunday, October 17, 2004

A primer on Iran for everyone since we will soon be hearing a lot more of this country. washingtonpost.com : Understanding Iran


Press Action ::: Shooting From the Hip: Kerry Out-Hawks Bush

I have been very upset with Kerry and his calls to "Kill the terrorists". I have said before that I hope he was using this language to trawl for votes. But this article feels that he has always "been a hawk". So either way, with Kerry or W, we seem to be committed to Iraq unless?..... Press Action ::: Shooting From the Hip: Kerry Out-Hawks Bush


Our War on Terrorism

I agree with Zinn that it is time to re-examine our policies. Both Kerry and W offer the same solution to "terrorism" - Kill Them All. It is time for other views and approaches. Our War on Terrorism


Marine Corps Times - News - More News

Saturday, October 16, 2004

What if they declare war and no one wants to fight? I think that it would then be called peace. Marine Corps Times - News - More News


Jun Yasuda - DharmaWalk

Friday, October 15, 2004

I walked with this Buddhist nun this summer. The walk was part of Stonewalk. I walked 12 miles. She has walked a lifetime for peace. Jun Yasuda - DharmaWalk


Telegraph | News | Iran 'in control of terrorism in Israel'

Here we go!!! Some more on Iran. Clearly painting the picture for the "next wave". Telegraph | News | Iran 'in control of terrorism in Israel'


Sleeping It Off

Wonkette had this great photo: Sleeping It Off. Just like daddy - sleeping during those important moments. The other daughter, while not sleeping, look completely bored (daddy must be talking). And what's with Laura - that smile has got to go.


BREAKING: Jon Stewart States the Obvious

Wonkette has a quick report on BREAKING: Jon Stewart States the Obvious. I heard some of the clips on Air America this P.M. Stewart is now my new hero!


Sticks and Stones by Peter Kuper

This book is being considered a modern parable for W. Great Flash clip - watch Sticks and Stones by Peter Kuper.


Four Day War

Are they crazy? They have it all figured out in an article called: Four Day War. As the polls get closer, expect Iran to be in the news in a big way. Maybe even this way - God forbid.


Watching the debate - oh yeah!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sure I could be watching the Red Sox and Yankees, but the debate - it is our future! W sure is feisty tonight. A lot different, IMO, from the first debate. He still skirts the question and acts/sounds like an idiot but he sure is cocksure of himself. I think he knows the outcome of the election. Wait how would he know? Oh that's right, it's W. He did it in 2000 and can do it again if he wants to.

I am disappointed though. I haven't heard W say that his famous line - It's hard work. W, if it is too hard then just quick. Make it better for everyone and just QUIT!


Yahoo! News - Blix Says Iraq War Stimulated World Terrorism

Title article says it all. W, why not admit that invading iraq was a mistake. Saddam had such a tight secular hold on Iraq that no terrorist was making any headway in Iraq. But now - it's a virtual bazaar, a real training ground and a recruiting poster for any old and new "terrorist" group or wannabe's. Come on W, admit the mistake and bring our troops home.



Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A group of military families, veterans, active personnel and others oposed to the war and calling for our troops to be pulled out. BringThemHomeNow.org


Iraq Veterans Against the War

Kudos to the bravest troops: Iraq Veterans Against the War. What will W and his crnies say about this group? Listen to them W. You lied to them and asked them to risk their lives for WHAT - oil, money, some glorified plan of world domination, the path to Armaggedon...?


Kerry Must Say It's Wrong to Rush Into an Unprovoked War - Even With "A Plan to Win the Peace"

... Click on the title for the article. Kerry must set himself apart from W on the Iraq war. His hawkishness is rather disconcerting. His calls to "kill terrorists" may be appealing to Bush supporters but not to me or those opposed to this war and violence in general.


It's Good to Be In DC

Saturday, October 09, 2004

JibJab has a great shockwave file called "It's Good To Be In DC". Hysterical and great. Must see.



Buy and wear these sentinments from PeacePins. While at the site, click on the box in the upper right to "see the weapons of mass destruction". Read the next page that pops up. Very clever.


On a Mission From GOD

Friday, October 08, 2004

An article entitled< Sidelined Neo-Cons Stoke Future Fires raises some different views of "in-fighting" in W's camp. But I agree with the comment towards the article's end - wait until the second term to see what they spew. I think this in-fighting is just a tactic to keep the moderate Repugs from jumping ship. But to say the neo-cons are done. No way! They are, in their minds, on a mission from God. They won't give up their power this easily. Hey come on. Even the Blues Brothers stood up to a lot of crap since they "...are on a mission for God." They stood up to neo-nazis, Illinois Staties, Chicago cops and crazed country western band members. W's neo-cons only have to put up with half of the voters, Air America, Michael Moore, Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean and the rest of the world. No Problemo!


No Draft

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Click here to read Howard Dean's letter about the draft. And sign the petition.


Another Poster for Peace

This site,Another Poster for Peace, is a great resource. Download and print up posters for the neighborhood. How about bumper stickers?


... A great article called Exiting Iraq

Exiting Iraq. Whoever wins in November, our attention and work must be in the promotion of PEACE.


SeeYaGeorge.com - Bushisms

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

...Quotes from our great leader from SeeYaGeorge.com.


Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bremer: Deserting a Sinking Ship

...This article called Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bremer: Deserting a Sinking Ship refers to the situation I talk about in my previous post. But as I state in my post, I don't think they are setting up the neo-cons or abandoning ship. Instead I think they all suffer from W-itis. What is W-itis? The inability to think and talk at the same time. For further information about this insidious disease, please watch any of W's speeches or better yet watch the debates. It is sad and there is no cure except putting the diseased person "out to pasture" in the fields of Texas.


Shootout at the W Corral ?

Things spin rapidly in the bowels of W's regime HQ. Paul Bremer talks about the low level of troops, but the next day he recants the statement. Rummy says that he has not seen any intelligence linking Saddam to Al Qaeda. Then he tries to change what he said, or what we heard. Now the chief WMD inspector states that there were no WMDes and as a matter of fact bio and chemical weapons were last produced in 1991. So what is going on? Are the rats abandoning ship. We know head rats like Condi "Lizard Face" Rice, Paul "Satan's Little Helper" Wolfowitz, Dick "Just call me Lucifer" Cheney and W will be on the ship to the end. They will be standing on the shoulders of FOX pundits. So why is Rummy and Bremer taking like this? I think there are 2 possibilities: 1) What they are saying is the TRUTH. They simply had a slip of the tongue - a Freudian slip. They were caught and the principal made them recant and look like a**holes, or 2) They are hedging their bets on this election. They want to set themselves up as the "not so bad guys". Remember they will have to find new jobs and also come up with a defense if this administration is ever taken to task (and court) for the lies and atrocities they perpetrated. My money is on the former reason.


Saint Ann Coulter?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I was watching FOX last night (I don't know why) and there on Hannity and Colmes was Ann Scarecrow Coulter. Because she is from the area I watched. She was promoting her new book on "how to talk to a liberal" (I won't buy it). Colmes, the so-called liberal on the set, asked St. Ann if she still wanted to bomb all Muslims and convert them to Christianity. Answer is - OF COURSE. Scary that so many people think she is great with views like that. To read some more scary Annie thoughts click here for her wisdom(?).


Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

Monday, October 04, 2004

Kerry may have won Round 1 of the debates and the latest poll may show the race at a dead heat. But as we know from 2000, the only votes that count are the electoral votes. This site,Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004, is an excellent resource and has the electoral votes outlook updated regularly. Today's map shows that W may pull it off - similar to 2000 in that he may lose the popular vote but walk away as Prez again. This time he may not even have to steal Florida. Some pundits have looked at this election and stated that they feel that most non-committed voters don't want Bush but are still waiting to see if Kerry is their man. This group is very different from the Anyone But Bush crowd. I call them the Devil I Know crew. They will vote and live another 4 years with W's terrible policies just because they are not 100% sure of Kerry. It's like being in a pot of boiling oil and not getting out because the air is cool, Boil yourself alive rather than saving yourself but getting a chill. Okay, so maybe it's a terrible analogy, but you get the point.


A World Neglected

Sunday, October 03, 2004

...Click on the title. This is an article from "The Nation. " This is a must read for all voters. It clearly states the foreign policy that should be espoused. It also clearly states the situation we and the world find ourselves in. It talks about the "war on Terrorism" and clearly points out the concept that this war has wrought much hardships for us: our standing in the world, the "metastasizing" of Al Qaeda from a single group to a mass movement, and the idea that thconcept of this war "provides a license" for everyone to determine who the enemy is and ignores the root causes of the terrorist activity. A well crafted and wriiten discussion of America and its standing in today's world.


Hate Time

Friday, October 01, 2004

... Click on the title. This one goes out to W and Kerry. So you both want to kill the terrorists. Here's your chance, but be careful of the innocents.



...Click on the title. Be ready for some frightening images. But watch it. This is for real. Love the ending.


Take Back The Media! Our Sponsors

...Click on the title. Funny but thought provoking video. Adolf W.


Kerry Wins Debate, But Iraq Mess to Continue No Matter Who Is President

...my sentiments exactly. Kerry's mistakes in regard to Iraq mirror Bush's swagger. Not too happy!!!


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