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Banging the drum - a new regime

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

US Admits Downing Iranian Drone East of Baghdad Last Month

US forces attacked and shot down an Iranian drone last month just inside the Iraqi border. The drone was in Iraqi air space for over an hour before the attack, but was still less than 8 miles into Iraqi territory.

Military spokesman Lt. Col. Mark Ballesteros declared that “this was not an accident on the part of the Iranians,” but the declaration appeared to conflict significantly with the Iraqi government, as a defense ministry spokesman insisted “it crossed 10 km into Iraq. It’s most likely that its entrance was a mistake.”

Thought the war drums would stop with a new President?

Wonder what would happen if Iran shot down one of our drones or captured one of the special ops in Iran?

War - a great way to get our minds off the economy.

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