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Can we ever have peace?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

US-Backed Sunni Militias Continue to Clash With Iraqi Govt

The tensions between the Sunni Awakening Forces and the Shi’ite-led Iraqi government continue to rise with each passing day, as the membership of the 90,000-strong group becomes increasingly resentful of unkept promises and struggles to make ends meet with the Iraqi government in some cases months behind on their pay.
In recent months, the Iraqi government has even taken to arresting leaders of the group as terrorists. The charges predate the formation of the Awakening Forces, and it was never a secret that the US was recruiting former insurgents into the group amid promises of steady pay and pardons. With the pay not coming and the pardons not worth nearly so much as they hoped, the concern is that many will return into the insurgency.
So we recruited former enemies to battle our allies? Nuts?

This at a time when Afghanistan and Pakistan are at a boiling point and Korea is ready to blow. How many wars can we participate in? How many can we start?

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