- Peace Garden: Who do we support in Honduras?

Who do we support in Honduras?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Honduras Coup Poses Challenges, Questions for Obama, Congress

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered a reasonably muscular condemnation of the military coup in Honduras, where elected President Manuel (Mel) Zelaya was kidnapped and flown out of the country by soldiers bent on blocking an advisory vote on constitutional reform in the country.
President Obama's statement was softer and in tone
Why not more forceful?
Zelaya's left-leaning economic and social policies earned praise from labor unions and civil society groups, and he had forged regional alliances with the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, which Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and other elected leaders in Latin America established as a counter to the neoliberal trade and security policies pushed by the U.S. under Bush. That made relations with the U.S. somewhat more tense, especially as Zelaya wrangled with conservative forces over media, presidential succession and constitional issues.
Chavez has suggested that U.S. meddling -- and a Central Intelligence Agency tie -- enabled the coup.
Ooops! Our latest fiend (Chavez) is (in a round about way) tied in. No wonder the fence straddling. Can't let independent leaders rule a country in our hemisphere - hell in the world!

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