- Peace Garden: Finally some encouraging news?

Finally some encouraging news?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama Orders Probe Into 2001 Afghanistan Massacre

President Barack Obama today revealed to CNN that he has ordered officials to investigate the infamous Dasht-e Leili massacre which occurred in late 2001, saying it had never been properly investigated.
According to Physicians for Human Rights, one of several groups that investigated the killings, up to 2,000 Taliban prisoners captured in the US invasion were killed in the custody of General Abdul Rashid Dostum. Many were suffocated to death in containers, while others were shot. Investigators say US troops were present during the massacre.
Lately I have been trying to find some positives - instead of the news of continued war, troops remaining in Iraq, sabre rattling...
Maybe this is the start of a true examination of our foreign policy. Maybe this is a precursor to some changes we have been waiting for.

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