- Peace Garden: Schools compete for Saudi students

Schools compete for Saudi students

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Schools compete for Saudi students after a deal was "...brokered by President Bush and Saudi King Abdullah."

The kingdom’s royal family — which is paying full scholarships for most of the 15,000 students — says the program will help stem unrest at home by schooling the country’s brightest in the American tradition. The U.S. State Department sees the exchange as a way to build ties with future Saudi leaders and young scholars at a time of unsteady relations with the Muslim world.
On the surface, a great idea. But we have to stop and wonder how many are Wahhabists? Have to stop and wonder where the cries of "border security" are now?

Oh that's right I forgot. Abdullah and W are kissing cousins - deals and promises made. Just like some of the deals Michael Moore alluded to in "F911".

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