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Do you hear the people?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

77 percent believe Iraq going poorly, CBS poll to reveal

The poll found the highest-ever percentage of Americans -- 77 percent -- who say the war in Iraq is going badly. Just 52 percent of Republicans continue to hold on to the idea that the war is going at least somewhat well, while 90 percent of Democrats and 80 percent of independents say it is going poorly. Two-thirds of Americans want to decrease or remove US troops from Iraq, according to the poll, and 51 percent of Americans think our occupation is creating more terrorists. President Bush's approval rating slips to its lowest rating in the new poll, to 27 percent. That makes him less popular that his Vice President Dick Cheney, who had a 28 percent approval rate in the new poll.
A few questions:
  1. What are those who want this war to continue or expand drinking or smoking?
  2. Do we have to wait until 99% are against this war until the politicos listen and end the fiasco?
  3. Where do those 27% who like W live? I didn't realize that the Federal Government was so large! Who else would vote this way unless related to him or working for him.

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