- Peace Garden: Kucinich at Take Back America

Kucinich at Take Back America

Friday, June 22, 2007

Kucinich Sings of the Centrality of Peace

“It is our job to heal this planet,” he said, “and to bring this planet together as one people.”

“I see peace as being the central issue and concern of our time,” Kucinich said. “In a Kucinich Administration we would begin with an understanding of the centrality of peace. We would begin with policies that reject war as an instrument of policies.”

“People are waiting for Democrats to tell President Bush: ‘No more money.’ We shouldn’t be offering the President another bill.” Kucinich said he had a straightforward plan: “The occupation will come to an end. The troops will come home. The contractors will be brought back.”

Kucinich summed it up best when he said:
“Life on the planet is threatened by global warring and by global warming”
We're killing each other. We're killing the planet. Time to stop - if it is not too late already.

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