- Peace Garden: Drunken dream or prescient?

Drunken dream or prescient?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

So today W wants everyone to wait until September 15 and General Dave's presentation.

Wait, September 15 (4 days after 9/11)?

Can this be possible?:

  1. A non-descript bomb explodes in some non-descript city on September 11.
  2. On September 12 W declares that it was the work of Al Qaeda who were trained in Iran.
  3. On September 13 the first cruise missile from one of our naval craft hits Iran.
  4. On September 14 W declares that we must bomb, invade, destroy Iran to save the world. We will use Iraq as a base.
  5. On September 15 General Dave tells Congress that more funds, troops, lives, etc. are needed to finish the job.

That's why W wants us to wait until 9/15. The man IS a genius after all!

Okay: Drunken dream or prescient thoughts?

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