- Peace Garden: Ready to invade Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria...?

Ready to invade Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria...?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bush: Al-Qaida threat persists in Iraq
Okay W 'declassified" intelligence for his speech. W now knows that al-Qaida in Iraq is

a direct threat to the United States.
He also
linked the Iraq war to an event that Americans remember deeply — the Sept. 11 attacks
(Only a handful of zombies believe those words.)

But the scary part W unveiled is that

al-Qaida in Iraq's senior leaders are foreign terrorists.
Scary? You bet. Based on W's record, we now have to be prepared to try to stop an invasion of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria...These were identified as the nations those "leaders" came from.

So were there snickers from the crowd? Of course not. W chose the venue very carefully -

Charleston Air Force Base, a vital launching point for cargo and military personnel headed to Iraq
I wonder if the docs took too many polyps out. Somehow connected to his grey matter? We all know he has "shit for brains" but it is getting more ridiculous every day.

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