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Lyme explains it all

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

W treated for Lyme in 2006

President Bush was successfully treated for Lyme disease nearly a year ago, the White House announced Wednesday.
The condition had never been revealed until the White House on Wednesday made public the results of his annual physical exam. They said that he was treated for what they called “early, localized Lyme disease” last August after developing the characteristic bullseye rash, and that it did not recur.
Success? Let's look at some of the some complications of untreated Lyme:
Left untreated, Lyme disease can cause: * Cognitive defects, such as impaired memory Late-stage symptoms also may include: * Memory loss * Difficulty concentrating ...
Based on his prowess at processing issues, not repeating historey...W has a baaaaad case of Lyme.

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