- Peace Garden: It's clear - we're in Iraq to stay - hello Iran

It's clear - we're in Iraq to stay - hello Iran

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bush Warns of Nuclear-Armed Iran

Bush said it's important for the United States to stay engaged in neighboring Iraq to convince the Iranians that the U.S. is committed to democratic reform in the region. "There would be nothing worse for world peace than if the Iranians believed that the United States did not have the will and commitment to help young democracies survive," Bush told businessmen and women where he took questions after a talk on government spending.
First - they have WMDes (oops - we didn't find them). Second - have to get rid of Saddam (done), Third - democracy (they voted already). Fourth - al-Qaeda (really?).

Now a new fifth reason - Our presence in Iraq is important to keep Iran on its toes. The ever changing reasons for Iraq.

I especially love...

In other words, it's his choice, it's not mine anymore.
So when we invade Iran, it's only Ahmadinejad's fault. Don't ever blame W. Be ready for the reports that Iran was involved with 9-11.

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