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Gore/Kucinich 08

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gore Wins the Norwegian Primary
Having now won the Norwegian Primary, it is reasonable to ask why Al Gore would want to slog his way through the snows of New Hampshire. But the inconvenient truth is that never has the man who might yet be president needed to more seriously consider his personal legacy — not to mention the small matter of his potential to make the world anew — than now. There is, after all, the matter of the open space at the end of what is now the most remarkable resume of anyone seeking — or considering seeking — the presidency. Al Gore has arrived at the point that most politicians can only imagine in their wildest dreams. The entire world is asking him to be not merely a candidate but an ecological — not to mention, ideological — savior. And there is simply no question that he is viable. In fact, he is more viable than he has ever been. Can Gore resist? Probably. Should he resist? Probably not.
In no way does my regard and hope and support of Kucinich decrease - but I would equally relish a nation run by Gore. Why not a Gore-Kucinich ticket?

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