- Peace Garden: Five years later and what do we have?

Five years later and what do we have?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five years of war. I refuse to call it an anniversary. Anniversary sounds to "happy." Weddings, years in business... those are anniversaries. This is not a happy milestone.

Five years of war. Are we safer? Was Saddam really a threat to our shores? Was al-Qaeda in Iraq? It is clear they were not. Have our actions been welcomed by the citizens of the world.

Five years of war. Was it worth it? Our economy is in terrible shape. Lives have been lost. Our standing in the world has diminished.

Five years of war - based on lies, based on greed, based on power, based on oil, based on some crazy vision of the End Times.

Five years of war. The end in sight? If you listen to the Repug candidate - we still have 95 years to go and Iran better watch out. The Dems say it will end in a "timely" manner but leave a funny taste in my mouth when they talk about forces remaining or use of mercenaries (Hired gunslingers).

Five years of war. Five years too many. End it now!

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