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Torture King

Saturday, March 08, 2008

W vetoes torture ban

Democrats and human rights advocates criticized President George W. Bush's veto Saturday of a bill that would have banned the CIA from using simulated drowning and other coercive interrogation methods to gain information from suspected terrorists. Bush said such tactics have helped foil terrorist plots. His critics likened some methods to torture and said they sullied America's reputation around the world.
The man's presidential legacy will be one of:
  1. Leading this nation into a war based on lies
  2. Continuing an unpopular war
  3. Rattling sabres at other nations he calls "evil"
  4. Bringing the nation to its economic knees through economic policies and war spending
  5. Disregard of the environment
  6. Abuse of power
  7. The use of power and might rather than diplomacy
  8. TORTURE and abuse.
Way to go W. Making your mark on history.

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