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Time for a rEvolution

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visited New York City yesterday, visiting a family member, and as I walked the clogged streets of shoppers and theater goers, the lines from Guthries' song rang in my ears.
This song was written in New York City, Of rich man, preacher and slave, But if Jesus was to preach like He preached in Galilee, They would lay Jesus Christ in His grave.
Amazing to see so many people spending cash like crazy. Didn't seem to think or care about the high gas prices, the war, the bottomed-out economy....

So is there hope for the world.? Can we all somehow say to the powers "Shut off half of the neon lights."? When I thought about this on the train back home I realized that the only hope is for a real rEvolution. But not one to topple this regime only to set up a leader who will create his/her won "regime." The rEvolution must start within ourselves.

What steps to take? Simplify one's life. Stop buying just for the sake of buying. Sure the new Apple phone may be the next best thing, but your existing cell phone still makes that call (and do you really have to talk so much on the phone?). Do with a little less.

Also eat and buy loclly. Grow your own food. It's easy. Join the Homegrown Revolution. You'll save money, eat healthier, and finally connect with where food really comes from.

When enough of us rEvolt, enough of us buy green (not as a status symbol but for reasons of ecology and health), enough of us start falling into the consumerist trap - a leader will recognize the movement and step forward to do the same for governmental agencies. That leader will not withdraw troops from Iraq to boost levels in Afghanistan (another no-win war - ask the Soviet Union who lost with a little help from the US). That leader will realize that it is not enough to drill for more oil, or create more ethanol - but to reduce consumption.

Is that leader out there? One to lead this nation, not for some political party, not for some vested interests, not for some power and prestige - but a love of the earth and all its creatures. Which brings me back to Woody's lyrics. Maybe before that leader, we all have to change first.

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