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Bolivian crisis?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bolivia faces crisis as Evo Morales wins referendum

Bolivia is facing a political crisis after President Evo Morales won a decisive victory in a referendum designed to enhance his own powers and turn the country into a quasi-Socialist state.

The sweeping reforms, approved by a 60 per cent "Yes" vote, will allow Mr Morales to seek re-election in December. Under the new powers, rich landowners may be targeted for dispossession as the state will allow private ownership of large estates only if that property is put to "social use". If not, the land may be seized. Critics have predicted farm invasions of the kind seen in Zimbabwe. Decisions on whether the land is "socially useful" will be taken by the central government. The powers will also extend state control over four key areas of the economy, notably Bolivia's vital reserves of natural gas.

Interesting that the The Telegraph is calling it a crisis already. Is it because the "...rich landowners may be targeted for dispossession...?" Or because
The new constitution was partly written by Loyola Guzmán, a supporter of Mr Morales who fought alongside Ernesto Che Guevara. Mr Morales is a strong ally of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, a self-styled "socialist revolutionary".
Either way...I guess The Telegraph doesn't like a 60% plurality voting "yes" for a constitution. If the Bolivians dipped their fingers in purple ink would that have changed the views of the paper?

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