- Peace Garden: Is heat wave a result of global warming?

Is heat wave a result of global warming?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

MSNBC.com reports on what, to me, is obvious.

"This heat wave and other extreme events we've seen in recent years are completely consistent with what we expect to become more common as a result of global warming, even though we can't be definitive on any single event,” says Jay Gulledge with Pew Climate Change.
We’ve had heat waves before. The worst was in the 1930s when 50 million acres turned to dust. In 1972, 891 people died in New York over a 14-day stretch. And in 1995, 733 people died in record heat in Chicago.
But experts say our current heat wave is unique.
Looks like it will be more days at the shore for me... We are doing so little as a nation to address GW, no place or person will be spared.

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