- Peace Garden: Malaysian Former PM comments the USA

Malaysian Former PM comments the USA

Monday, August 28, 2006

MEMRI TV via Watching America gives us a transcript of an interview with former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad. Doesn't have nice things to say about us or Blair. But read the words carefully. This is how we are viewed.

What enabled the Israelis to do what they are doing now is the United States, so the main culprit is the United States, in particular the present government of the United States. I wouldn't blame all the Americans. A lot of Americans do not like this war, but their leadership advocates war, as a solution - not only to major problems, even minor problems - we have to kill people. These are really war criminals. That is why we think that something has to be done against the United States...
They may perhaps be able to put Al-Qaeda out of commission, but that does not mean that there will not be other groups. They have been killing so-called terrorist all these years, but there'll simply be more and more terrorists. In Iraq there were no terrorists before - now we have terrorists in Iraq. And now because of this attack on Lebanon, many many new terrorists - so-called terrorists - are going to make that decision that, well, that if we cannot fight them with guns and bombs and airplanes and all that, we'll fight them by killing at random. That is what is going to happen...
I think he is still alive. He is the creation of the Americans, as everybody knows. You play with the devil, then of course, you get hurt. You created Osama Bin Laden to serve your purpose, and this is something that the Americans have done very many times. Noriega was one of the people whom they created, and now they have arrested him and put him in jail for life. But Osama Bin Laden has caught the imagination of a lot of people. And the present leader of Hizbullah, Nasrallah, he's not Osama Bin Laden's man, but he fights in the same way, for the same reason. So there will be very many people whom we may call Osama Bin Laden also - people who are very angry and who have no other means of fighting accept the way Osama fought. He may be killed one day, but it's not going to stop the terrorist... the so-called terrorist attacks...
All the forces which were kept under by Saddam, have now been released, and they will fight each other. There will be a civil war. I feel very sad about it, because really should join together to fight the common enemy. And the common enemy is the U.S. with its manipulation and Israel which is its proxy.
Interesting comments. Our nation has been placed in this situation and in this light because of our actions and lack of diplomacy.

Time for a major overhaul.

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