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Prepping for the big one...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Seymour Hersh was interviewed by Democracy Now. He relates some very interesting things about US involvement and interests in the invasion of Lebanon.

It seems that our military is interested in the war on Lebanon for a number of reasons all related to our future adventures into Iran.

Cheney's idea was this, that we sort of -- it's like a three-for. We get three for one with this. One, here we're having this war about the value of strategic bombing, and the Israeli Air Force, whose pilots are superb, can go in and -- if they could go in and blast Hezbollah out of their foxholes or whatever they are, their underground facilities, and roll over them, as everybody in the White House and I'm sure everybody in the Israeli Air Force thought they could do, that would be a big plus for the ambitions that I think the President and Cheney have for Iran. I don't think this president, our president, is going to leave office with Iran being, as he sees it, a nuclear threat.
The second great argument you have, of course, is if you are going to do Iran, you're going to need -- you can't attack Iran without taking care of the Hezbollah missiles or rockets. They're really rockets. They're not independently guided. Even their long-range rockets that go a few hundred kilometers, you cannot attack Iran without taking them out, because obviously that's the deterrent. You hit Iran, Hezbollah then bombs Tel Aviv and Haifa. So that's something you have to clean out first.
And thirdly, of course, is if you get rid of Hezbollah and Nasrallah, why, you get rid of a terror -- a man who’s considered to be, as somebody famously said, Richard Armitage, the “A-Team of terrorism.”
Think of this as a softening up. Think of it as a test of weapons against buried missiles, troops, command centers...Think of this as a trial run to our own upcoming adventures.

A long interview but definitely a must read. Hersh comes through again.

Interesting notes about Syria as well.

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