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Terrorists under every bed...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Stung by criticism, Bush calls for offensive 'across the world'.

US President George W. Bush called for fighting America's enemies "across the world" as he stepped up his counteroffensive following charges that his policies were breeding a new generation of Islamic terrorists.
The call, delivered in his weekly radio address, was aimed at countering a rash of accusations that the Bush administration had seriously mishandled the war in Iraq and created fertile ground for Islamic extremism.
Cornered by criticism, reports, Woodward's book - the cornered rodent lashes out.

Interesting idea offered by staff rodent Condi:

...US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in an interview published Saturday, offered a different rationale for continued US military presence in Iraq, saying it was needed to counter the growing influence of neighboring Iran.
"We just have to fight tooth and nail for the victory of the Iraqis who do not want Iranian influence in their daily lives," she told The Wall Street Journal. "We've got a chance to resist the Iranian push into the region, but we'd better get about it."
Beware Iran...beware Pakistan...beware Australia...

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