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Cluster Bombs

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Survivor Corps team travels to Dublin, Ireland May 19-30, 2008 for the final round of negotiations on the Cluster Munitions Treaty, which will ban the use of these indiscriminate weapons and uphold the human rights of people affected by the weapon. The treaty is expected to open for signatures in December of 2008.
As a Steering Committee member of the Cluster Munitions Coalition, Survivor Corps is leading the charge to make sure that effective assistance for victims of cluster munitions is one of the core obligations of the treaty. The goal is to ensure that governments provide assistance to the people and communities harmed by cluster munitions, and fully recognize their human rights.
The work of this group is to be applauded and supported. Their purpose is to help all overcome the effects of war and violence. A co-founder of the group is Jerry White.
In 1984, author Jerry White lost his leg---and almost his life---in a landmine accident. He has endured the pain of loss and the challenge of rebuilding. As cofounder of Survivors Corps, White has interviewed thousands of victims of tragedy.
He has recently written a book titled "I Will Not Be Broken", "...an astoundingly effective guide to recreating a happy and fulfilling life after catastrophe strikes..."
Wouldn't it be great if Stevie Mull would read this and talk to White before he declares that this regime will not ban cluster bombs?

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