- Peace Garden: Driving them out for Progress?

Driving them out for Progress?

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Few Remaining Uncontacted Amazonian Tribes Deserve Protection: Expert
These remarkable pictures of Envira Indians were taken by Brazilian government officials during several flights over a remote part of Brazil’s Acre state.0530 04 Painted a bright orange, two members of the tribe emerged from their huts to threaten the helicopter as it flew low over their small village. Others could be seen in the background, apparently startled by the presence of the noisy machine in their skies.
n spite of the threat of the encroaching world, the number of Envira Indians is thought to be increasing, Mr Meirelles said. But other “uncontacted” groups on the Peruvian side of the border, who have also been photographed by experts, were being pushed from their homes by illegal logging.
All to build bigger homes, new tables...Destroy one culture to keep this consumer culture growing.

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