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Monday, May 12, 2008

First lady: Storm threatened wedding
Storms that spawned violent tornadoes over the weekend slammed into President Bush's Texas ranch and threatened to disrupt wedding plans for Jenna Bush and Henry Hager, first lady Laura Bush said Monday.
"We did have a little — one setback on Friday night. While we were off in another town at the rehearsal dinner there was a tornado. ... All the catering ovens were turned over and the sides were ripped off the tent," she told a luncheon at the White House.
"But everyone worked wildly and you couldn't even tell the next night. It was just perfect, everything was great."
"We ignored all those deaths in Iraq. We ignored the deaths in Myanmar. We clearly ignored the devastation in our own country from twisters and floods. We ignored it all, as we have in the past, because we wanted to just kick back and have a great time. And we did!"

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