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At war with Syria

Monday, October 27, 2008

Syria Condemns US Attack as “Serious Aggression”

An unnamed US military official has confirmed the attack on the Syrian border town of al-Sukkariya earlier this evening, which killed at least eight and wounded 14 others. He said the attack targeted “elements of a robust foreign fighter logistics network” and that the US had decided to take matters “into our own hands.” US Marines Major General John Kelly had recently expressed discontent with Syria’s slow progress on constructing a physical barrier at the border, though as recently as Thursday he described security incidents in the border province as so uncommon as to be “almost meaningless,” making the timing of the attack puzzling.
Syria summoned the Charges d’Affaires of both the United States and Iraq to protest the attack, which it condemned as “serious aggression.” In a statement released through their state media they called on the Iraqi government to “assume its responsibilities and make an immediate investigation into the dangerous violation and prevent using the Iraqi lands from launching aggression on Syria.”
Rather than begin winding down because of the touted "surge success", our regime is expanding the war beyond the borders of Iraq.

In the past I have written about whether Syria or Iran were our next targets. I have not written that question in quite a while - I thought Syria was off the radar. Oops, wrong!

Now the question is, how soon into Iran? Before election day? Have to either keep W in office because of an international catastrophe (martial law here we come) or have a war so another war-monger (hint - "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran John") will unexpectedly win.

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