- Peace Garden: Expanding the success of Iraq?

Expanding the success of Iraq?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

US Helicopters, Commandos Attack Syrian Border Town Killing Eight

In a report from local witnesses later confirmed by a Syrian government spokesman, Two US helicopters landed in the Syrian border town of Al-Sukkariya while others remained in the air and eight American soldiers exited. The soldiers killed at least eight people in the attack, and wounded 14 others before reboarding the helicopters and returning to Iraqi territory.
The US military has yet to officially confirm the strike, the first US strike on Syrian soil, but an unnamed US official confirmed the strike, saying that due to Syrian inaction they were now “taking matters into our own hands” with regards to foreign fighters.
As the last days of the current regime are in sight, and the chances of continuing the regime with McCain being slim, last ditch efforts to expand the conflict arise.
Next plan - Iran?

Bring them all home NOW!

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