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Obama, Please listen to him...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Imran Khan Warns Against US 'Surge' in Afghanistan
Pakistan ex-cricket star turned politician Imran Khan warned against any Iraq-style surge to tackle violent militancy in Afghanistan, telling AFP the two situations were "completely different".
While stressing his support for US Democratic White House hopefuls Barack Obama and Joe Biden, he said in an interview Thursday that any move to increase the US military presence would be a bad move.
"Most American politicians haven't a clue," the chair of the Pakistan Movement for Justice said during a visit to London.
"So it's very easy, they say, you know a surge, but do they understand a surge in Afghanistan and Pakistan is completely different to urban centres in Iraq?
Let us not follow up the mistakes of W with more mistakes. You have talked about diplomacy as a better weapon. Please follow through.

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