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Benedict XVI, St. Malachy, Now I'm Scared

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Okay, they have my attention now. When the neocons were driving us to the EndTimes, I was afraid that they were trying to bring it about through their own hands. But now with Ratzinger being elected, I am afraid. Either they are all trying to bring about the End Times or maybe the End Time is real.

I have always been interested in the occult and in prophecy (love all the theories and interpretations about Nostradamus). So after the pope died I started looking at prophecies/predictions. The major prophecy I had read previously and reread now was the Papal timeline established by St. Malachy. It was interesting reading the interpretations of his prophecy and how his papal names fit throughout history. So I waited to see if "From the Glory of the Olive" would be our next Pope. I felt it would be Ratzinger and feared that the Catholic Church would embrace fundamentalism and go back to the concept that "Catholicism is the only way." But I did not see a clear tie-in with Malachy until...

He takes the name Benedict XVI! A perfect tie-in to St. Malachy's timeline. Even ties into a Benedictine Order prophesy that the last pope would come from their order. A website called Catholic Planet even predicted the name and shows how the prophecy is coming to pass.

Okay, so either the Vatican didn't care about scaring me because they know the "truth" or Ratzinger is trying to bring the prophecy to pass. How else can you explain it? Who in their right mind would take a name or elect someone who does fit into the prophecy? When does it become a self-fulfilling prophecy? Is it really the End Times if it is brought about by men hoping for the end?

Now you know why I am scared.

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