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Get out of the way DLC

Monday, April 04, 2005

Centrist Democrats Warn Liberals reports on the Democratic Leadership Council's latest "Bluprint" magazine article.

In an attack on the party's dominant left wing, anti-war base, and a warning for new Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean "to do no harm," the centrist-leaning Democratic Leadership Council said it is "a delusion to think that if we just turned out our voters, we could win national elections."

Instead, the DLC called on the party to dramatically change its message to "recapture the muscular progressive internationalism of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy and convince voters that national security is our first priority."

I hope that the message the DLC will hear is "get out of our way." This war on Iraq, our sabre rattling must end. The Dems must offer an alternative to an unjust war, a future of bloodshed. It is time for the DLC to go away.

I loved the headline Common Dreams used for this article:"DLC CALLS FOR ALL-OUT POLITICAL CIVIL WAR ON ANTI-WAR DEMOCRATS". Well if it is civil war they want...

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