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New Fears - just in time

Friday, June 23, 2006

Buzzflash looks at the Sears Tower threat.

While we have not denied there were indeed rumors and boasts of committing acts of terror, a careful examination of the facts makes it clear that the Miami group was not as serious a threat as portrayed in the media. They had no operational ability beyond their mouths.
The timing of the raid, given that there was no immediate operational threat, appears politically motivated. The Bush Administration wanted to scare Americans and tie the Iraq War to terror after a Senate debate on redeployment that very morning.
Bush has said for years that the point of going to Iraq was to draw out terrorists there to prevent them from coming here. If anything, the most newsworthy aspect of this story is that the suspects were largely American citizens, operating within our borders, and not even Arab, which means that our focus on War in Iraq does not address threats that could be more immediate.
Buzzflash also looks at some of the "facts" and details of the case as reported by MSM. I wonder what the informant/plant's role was?

Buzzflash notes that this may have been timed for the debates. I agree but I also think we can expect more cases as the elections near. Have to keep our little base of power whole.

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