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Monday, July 24, 2006

Bahrain News Agency had an interesting report that did not see too much light in our media.

The Lebanese Hezbollah movement announced Wednesday the arrest of two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon.
Lebanese police said that the two soldiers were arrested as they entered the town of Aitaa al-Chaab inside the Lebanese border. Israeli aircraft were active in the air over southern Lebanon, police said, with jets bombing roads leading to the market town of Nabatiyeh, 60 kilometers south of Beirut.
So if they were in Lebanon a couple of questions are raised: What were they doing there? Why call it a kidnapping, shouldn't it (as this article states) be called an arrest? What were they doing bombing in Lebanon before their "declared war?"

If this is true, can we blame Hezbollah and Lebanon for fighting back? We talk about the missiles striking Israel. But what actions came first?

Time to look at all sides, all stories, all actions.

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