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Media as terrorist

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The media now joins anti-war advocates and peace proponents as aiding and abetting the terrorists. The crticism goes beyond the NY Times.

US could lose in Iraq due to negative media coverage.

Aiding and abetting? How?

A US combat commander suggested the United States could lose the war in Iraq if public support for it at home is sapped by negative media coverage.
Snow, whose own troops have come under stepped-up insurgent attacks this month, criticized media coverage as too focused on insurgent roadside bombings, kidnappings and assassinations.
"So when the news is not balanced and it's always bad, that clearly leads to negative perceptions back home," he said.
"Balanced" - he forget "fair". I guess FAUX News is on his A-team.

Think about this. If the press are there to report all news, shouldn't we hear about the roadside bombs, atrocities, secret deals, stumbles and failures? Isn't it the responsibility of the press to report it all - not just the regime's "good news" or the latest about Britney. Don't we need all facts to come to a decision that our occupation of Iraq must end?

Maybe the reports look like "it's always bad..." because it is. Reality check time Colonel.

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