- Peace Garden: Mid East Heats Up

Mid East Heats Up

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Israel is upping the ante.

Israel holds Khaled Mashal, the leader of Hamas' Syrian branch, responsible for the abduction of two Israeli soldiers and wants Syria to expel Palestinian leaders from the country.
Israel threatened to kill Hamas militants based in Damascus.
Al-Jazeera television said Public Security Minister Avi Dichter claimed they knew the locations of HAMAS and Islamic Jihad leaders in Syria and will not hesitate to kill them.
For so long it was a race whether we would go after Syria or Iran. Iran was leading the way for so long - now Syria has the dubious stance of Number One on the Hit Parade.

Will W help out Israel by taking action against Syria as well? There were always reports that the WMDes were taken to Syria - W may want to find those spectres.

The Arab League

...called on the United States to “revise its position” on Saturday after its ambassador to the United Nations held Syria partly responsible for a crisis over a captive Israeli soldier.
The pieces are falling into place. Perfect opportunity for W to withdraw some troops from Iraq - and place them over the border into Syria. Hey - it's the War on Terrorism stupid!

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