- Peace Garden: April 2008? The Road to Tehran?

April 2008? The Road to Tehran?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Scott Ritter: Bombs Away?

Arms expert Scott Ritter says the US plans to attack Iran. Metro Times asks why he's so sure. "Everything points to April 2008 being a month of some criticality." - Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter: I don't have any current sources of the sort you just spoke of. I was plugged in back in 2006 to good quality current information. But I haven't been plugged in recently, so I have to use some sort of analytical methodology as opposed to saying, "Aha, I got it from the horse's mouth." But there's nothing that has occurred that leads me to believe the Bush administration has changed its policy direction. In fact there has been much that's occurred that reinforces the earlier conclusions that were based on good sources of information. We take a look at items in the defense budget, the rapid conversion of heavy bombers to carry bunker-busting bombs on a specific time frame, the massive purchasing of oil to fill up the strategic oil reserve by April 2008. Everything points to April 2008 to being a month of some criticality. It also matches my analysis that the Bush administration will want to carry this out prior to the crazy political season of the summer of 2008.

A lengthy article but a must to read. We all must raise our voices to stop all talk and plans of an Iranian adventure. If April 2008 is the date, we have some time. But with W, the attack may be tomorrow. So waste no time to demand that we stop the build-up to war.

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