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What are they afraid of?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kucinich booted from Iowa debate
Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) is being excluded from this week’s Iowa presidential debate because he has not rented office space in the Hawkeye State, his campaign said Wednesday.
The Des Moines Register informed the campaign that Kucinich is not invited because the newspaper determined “that a person working out of his home did not meet our criteria for a campaign office and full-time paid staff in Iowa,” the campaign said.
Wait - it gets better...
Kucinich, who is running his second consecutive presidential campaign but is doing poorly in national polls, has received strong support in online surveys from liberal groups such as Democracy for America. The Ohio lawmaker’s anti-war campaign resonates with parts of the Democratic base even though that support has not boosted Kucinich from the lower tier of candidates.
So I guess the DFA poll is meaningless.

He has as much right to be on the stage as do the Repug-lites that are supported by the DLC. Hell, he has spoken truth and has ideas and programs - maybe he has more right than the others.

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