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Penn and Kucinich

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Actor Sean Penn tells S.F. State students not to 'sell out'
Actor-director Sean Penn issued a nonendorsement endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich on Friday in a speech to nearly 400 San Francisco State University students, urging his audience not to fall into the trap of voting for someone only because they could win.
Penn, who spoke from a low wooden stage in the Creative Arts Building in front of a "Kucinich for President" banner, made it clear from the start that he was not issuing a traditional endorsement, a political tradition he said he abhorred as much as voting for someone based on their electability.
Penn called Kucinich "the voice of integrity" in demanding the president's impeachment, calling for the end of the war in Iraq and placing human rights and civil rights above domestic security.
May not be a traditional endorsement, but good enough for me!

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