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Discovering a lie - too easy

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

French Activist Bove To Go On Anti-GMO Hunger Strike
French radical farmer Jose Bove, who became a worldwide celebrity for his fight against junk food, said on Monday he would go on a hunger strike to win a one-year ban on genetically modified (GMO) crops.
While GMO crops are common in the United States, France — Europe’s biggest grain producer — along with other European nations remain highly suspicious of them. Supporters say it could lead to hardy strains to help feed the world’s poor. Opponents, which polls say include a majority of French people, fear they could harm humans and wildlife by triggering an uncontrolled spread of modified genes.
In an attempt to calm these concerns, France last week formally suspended the commercial use of GMO seeds until February 9 and ordered a biotech safety study.
Sounds good right?
“This decree is ridiculous. It is a scarecrow,” Bove said. “Everyone knows that there are no sowings during winter.
Ooops. Isn't it embarrassing when a government's lies are so quickly brought into the light? But this one was too easy for Bove. Either the officials tried to pull a fast one or they have no idea of how and when vegetables, fruits and grains are grown.

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