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Biofuels - the savior?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Studies Say Clearing Land for Biofuels Will Aid Warming

Clearing land to produce biofuels such as ethanol will do more to exacerbate global warming than using gasoline or other fossil fuels, two scientific studies show.
The independent analyses, which will be published today in the journal Science, could force policymakers in the United States and Europe to reevaluate incentives they have adopted to spur production of ethanol-based fuels. President Bush and many members of Congress have touted expanding biofuel use as an integral element of the nation's battle against climate change, but these studies suggest that this strategy will damage the planet rather than help protect it.
Knocking down the trees. Clearing the land. The pesticides. The herbicides. All to feed our habits.

Think also of how many meals can be made from all that corn pumped into gas tanks versus on someone's plate.

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