- Peace Garden: McCain at SHU

McCain at SHU

Sunday, February 03, 2008

John, 100 year war, McCain brought his campaign to Sacred Heart University in Fairfield today. As a pre-Super Bowl warm-up I stood on the sidewalk holding my "No War On Iran" sign.

Love holding the sign and trying to make eye contact with the starched, furred McCain supporters. But they hardly ever look. I could imagine some of them telling their kids in the backseat, "Don't look at them Johnny. They are evil and should be completely ignored. They are not true patriots - we are."

One did glance my way and just shook her head in disgust. I think she would have loved to drive over me. I just felt sorry for her that she could think of supporting a continuation and expansion of the war.

As Joey LIEberman drove by he flashed a peace sign. The utter absurdity of this man flashing a peace sign while promoting war is beyond my comprehension.

The highlight? I wandered over to the side entrance with a handful of others and waited to see who would pass that way. And lo and behold McCain and his entourage passed by. Did he see my sign - I doubt it. But it still made my day.

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