- Peace Garden: Endorsements rolling in

Endorsements rolling in

Friday, February 01, 2008

MoveOn Endorses Obama

Today Barack Obama earned the endorsement of MoveOn, one of the largest grassroots membership organizations in the United States, after clobbering Hillary Clinton by 40 percent in Internet balloting. Obama led the final tally 70.4% to 29.6%, clearing the supermajority required for the endorsement. MoveOn, which has never endorsed a presidential candidate before, boasts that it has 1.7 million members in Super Tuesday states. The group has over half a million members in California alone - roughly one out of ten primary voters in Tuesday’s largest state.
He was right about Iraq from the start -unlike Hill. A major plus for me.

It's official: Peace Garden now Supports Obama in 2008.

Well now I know who to vote for this Tuesday. My heart still belongs to Kucinich but my vote now belongs to Obama.

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