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Oil globs as sun tan lotion?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pelosi Says Open To House Vote On Offshore Drilling

Reversing her position, Pelosi said she was willing to schedule a vote in the House of Representatives on legislation to expand offshore drilling, if the bill addressed other energy issues, such as extending tax credits for solar and wind energy and releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Pelosi’s new position mirrors that of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who says he now could support legislation boosting offshore drilling, if the bill helped solve other U.S. energy problems. As the November election approaches, Democrats are moving closer to the views of the American public on expanded offshore drilling, which polls show a majority of voters favor.
Sure theywant it. They are listening to the media and the lobbyist talking about the vast stores of oil readily available. But for how long will we prolong the inevitable? How long will it take to open those new fields? And what safeguards that the environment, creatures and shores are not endangered?

Oil is not renewable.

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