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A third option?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I know Roseanne is a comic, artist, actress... but she is right about what we voters want:

I would like to see the five percent come from people who are not going to vote dem or rep, because they have lost all faith and hope in politics, who know that neither party addresses anything that seems relevant to real life at all. I hope the five percent doesn't come from the dems...they all need to vote for barack and try to get him elected...it's very close, which is unbelievable! But still, there are many of us who want a deeper change than either party can ever offer. We want a fundamental change and not a cosmetic one. We want a change in the way business is done in the world. We want a rehaul of this entire system from top to bottom based on democratic principles and not on corporate ones. We want a maximum wage, and no income tax. We want increased inheritance and profit taxes instead.
Maybe a Dem (Barrack) is our hope for this year (as long as he sticks with his ideals and strives for true peace - no war with Iran, Russia, Pakistan, end the wars). But it would be great if in the next elections we have a viable choice beyond the two parties controlled by moneyed interests.

So you Clintonites - rather than throw your disgruntled vote to Bombing McCain, vote GREEN.

Thanks Roseann for a great idea. And a great evaluation of the Green Party:

It's platform is far more to the liking of working people than is the democratic party, and it has clout all over the world, unlike any other american party. It also is based on taking care of the environment before making profit, and also based on justice rather than nationalism

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