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What will the future be?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

At Conference on the Risks to Earth, Few Are Optimistic

More than 120 scientists, engineers, analysts and economists from 30 countries were hunkered down here for the 40th annual conference on “planetary emergencies.”
The participants were not particularly optimistic. They presented data showing that the boom in biofuels was depleting Southeast Asian rain forests, that “bot herders” - computer hackers for hire - were hijacking millions of computers, and that the lack of progress over handling nuclear waste was both hampering the revival of nuclear energy and adding to terrorism risks.
They were determined to "look for answers" to the problems.

As they are looking for answers, as we hope for a new administration to lead us back to a better path...daily life still goes on. Still get up and go to work, struggle to make ends meet, try to create a more sustainable life (as others blatantly go about wasting too much)...hope they find those answers soon. Hope the answr includes a change in culture - away from our consumer based drive to own the biggest, the best, the first...

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