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Regime change

Sunday, August 17, 2008

President has 24 hours to quit
...the president may resign today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow but if he does not do so, the impeachment proceedings will start and continue till its logical end.
...said the prevalent atmosphere of uncertainty is causing political and economic instability, so it will be in the fitness of things if the president opts to relinquish the Presidency so that stability is revived.
He said the impeachment move was decided after consultations with the coalition partners and to attain stability in the country which is very dear to the nation and was thought necessary to safeguard its vital interests. He said the ultimate gain would be the strengthening of democratic institutions.
...resign so that the economic instability could end.
Is this about W? Wishful thinking. We know it is about our former friend in Pakistan. Are we involved?
To a question, he said no foreign pressure is being exerted on the government regarding the impeachment move and several countries have already expressed that they honour the Pakistani law and its constitution as the impeachment proceedings are being pursued within the ambit of the constitution.
Yeah, right.

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