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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Did I wake up on the wrong side of bed? Is this all a dream? On the way home tonight (a late night in work) I was surfing the radio dial and came across "Savage Nation". I always like to listen to right-wing talk radio - it gets the anger going (I'd rather scream and yell at the radio than at the driver cutting me off). Savage talked about my pal Wolfie going to the World Bank. He talked about W on the road drumming up support for his Social Security plan. But there was something different. He seemed pissed.

The bottom line is that he feels W and regime has pushed Iraq to the back burner even as the battles and attacks are heating up. He views Wolfie's move as "abandoning" the Iraq mission. He commented on W's slipping ratings and called W maybe the "lamest duck" president ever. He took W to task for talking about peace with Putin who the next day deals with Iran - comparing W's visit with Chamberlain's visit in the 30's. He was very critical - sure it is part of the spin.

I was all set to start cheering and screaming that another has seen the light - or darkness. But then Savage has to ruin my glee and blame "liberalization (?)" as pushing W in the wrong direction.

Things are spinning in very different directions lately. Social Security leading the news while Iraq, Iran, Syria are out of the front pages. A lot of press for the "Cedar Revolution" in Lebanon - I wonder how soon will W declare that any progress in Lebanon was due to his policies. Very little focus on North Korea. So what will be the big news next week to save a slipping W? A new terror threat - we got a little taste of that today? A new assasination? A terrorist capture? An invasion?

It just feels that W and pals spins the "mainstream" media his way. Now is the time to search all media for the latest news. Don't rely on local or national papers or TV stations. Look to Independent Media sources, look to international publications, look to internet sources. We have to stay informed - Iraq is not over, the Patriot Act is still a disaster, our environment is still being ravaged.... But you will never know that if you just FOX or "American Idol" or just read the sports pages, The New York Post, or USA Today.

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