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No Beirut Spring

Saturday, March 05, 2005

No Beirut Spring is an excellent article by Nicholas Frayn.

Frayn points out several issues in regard to the "superficial talk of democracy from around the region." As an example he talks about who is involved in the Lebanese demonstrations.

"Indeed, it is not clear that the current demonstrations represent a real expression of majority will. Neither of the two main representatives of Lebanon's 55 per cent Shi'a majority, Hizbolah and Amal, have joined the opposition to Syria (8). Nor has a significant block of parties representing a leftist and Sunni constituency (9). In reality this protest has much in common with those of the Ukraine in the past presidential election. A relatively small, media-savvy, group takes the initiative, while their regimes are paralysed like frightened rabbits, trapped in the glare of the White House."

The same should also be said about the Iraqi elections. Was it a true representation of all sects, all groups...? Before we kneel in adoration before W, let us all take a step back and really analyze the "democracy" these nations are embracing. Until there is peace in those nations, until all groups are either represented, listened to and respected, until all have a voice...

We must all take a step back and look at anything and everything with a discerning eye. O'Reilly loves to talk about his "no-spin zone." The reality is that there is spin in every newspaper, radio broadcast, TV program. Recognize the spin and seek the truth and reality!

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