- Peace Garden: Can you top this?

Can you top this?

Monday, March 14, 2005

"President George Bush is expected to announce on Wednesday that Syrian - and perhaps Lebanese - military intelligence officers were involved in Mr Hariri's death; the bombing killed 18 other civilians." This coincides very nicely with the demonstrations held today. Today's "Cedar Revolution" rally probably surpassed the "pro-Syrian" rally that surpassed the first "Cedar" rally. Get it? - trying to one-up the other side. And wouldn't you know it, W will be one-upping everone on Wednesday.

Fits perfectly into our plans. We take care of Syria and Israel takes care of Iran.

Then we get the report that "soft" targets (theaters, schools...) in the U.S, may be targeted by Zarqawi. We got this information a year ago. But folks, it all has to do with timing. We have to time our actions and our announcements to meet our needs. In the case of the "soft" targets, W would love to have some of the anti-terror laws that Blair is trying to cram down the throats of his people.

Zarqawi is taking top billing away from Bin Laden. Is he a more effective leader? Is he just more accessible? Or is he just a little scarier because of his deeds in Iraq?

Today's words are: TIMING and FEAR.

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