- Peace Garden: Rumsfeld Cautions Iraqis

Rumsfeld Cautions Iraqis

Monday, March 21, 2005

Uncle Rummy really laid down the law:

"He then warned that Iraqis had to "be darned careful about making a lot of changes just to be putting in their friend or to be putting in someone else from their tribe or from their ethnic group." "This is too serious a business over there," he said on the program "Fox News Sunday," "and the United States has got too much invested and too much committed and too many lives at stake for people to be careless about that."
That's right Mr. Iraqi. We invaded you and now you have to do things our way.

Hey what do you expect? For us to let you run your own country. Hell Congress even won't let an individual or a State run their own life - they walked all over State and individual rights last night in the Schiavo case. So watch out Mr. Iraqi - Congress used Palm Sunday images and religious morals to step "out of line." W wouldn't think twice of not only stepping out of line but erasing all lines.

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