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Calls to Action

Friday, March 11, 2005

Several groups, including MoveOn, are calling for action next Tuesday, March 15. On that day I hope you would call your Senators and demand that they oppose the plan to override any Senate opposition to the nomination of far-right judicial nominees. The plan to squash opposition involves overturning the role of a filibuster. This is being called the "nuclear option" because this type of move by the administration has the possible effect of destroying the Senate's operation and Senate history. Call your Senator and tell them that you oppose the "nuclear option. Tell them you want judicial nominees who will judge cases with the public in mind rather than special interests or political agenda. And get your friend to do the same.

Another great opportunity to work for peace and justice is available at The Peace Alliance. As plans are formulated to re-introduce the Peace Department legislation, voices are needed in each Congressional District to drum up support (both the public and members of Congress). What a wonderful opportunity to work for peace. Sign up and get involved.

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